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Model Hana Friend Is filled with almost a Mystic Magnetic energy as she brushes the soft blades of grass beneath her feet. Hana and I have a particular energy when we work together ,which blends playfulness, humor, and a tone of sexual innuendos which  always seems to deliver  Stunning, Beautiful, Sensexual and Strong Images. ( I think I just made up a word HAHA !!! Angelo's Definition of Sensexual :  a blend of sensual and sexual emotion)I connect and enjoy the energy of all of the models I work with, as each and everyone of them, has her /his  own creative life. If fact all that I shoot, Models, Art, People , Parties, Events ,and more, create their own individual creativity mode. Like,that moment in that space and time is all that matters in present time and the finished edited photo will be a collaboration of all involved and the  fusing of  all creative energies into a final  synergistic piece. I call this the Cinderella Moment when your Image appears to be in its Final States .(as we know no piece is ever finished as its own energy is always evolving) The photo above: The Cinderella Moment for this piece will be a memorable one.  Thank you Hana Friend

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Why I shoot As an Artist I aim to create a more compelling image and to put a focus on details that are not anticpated.I have broken the rules of composition many times and feel that by doing so, it gives you direction to the deeper story within my photographs.The Interaction I capture is the story I get to tell.The look of the chase in her eyes as she spots her wish mate across a crowded room,A child's finger tips slip away from a runaway  balloon ,The realness of a close up kiss that sets you free. I want it to be  a moment ,a feeling,an essence,an elegant symmetry of all things in life all around you.

Artist Angelo HalkArtist Angelo HalkWelcome to my world of my vision in creative manipulation of color and textures, coupled with Beauty ,Interaction, and Photographic Art.I hope you Enjoy the SHOW!!!!!!

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"She Falls From The Sky" Nude Nite 2014 Tampa A Night like know other.A show always brings you to your fullest energy so fast and so swift.The anticipation that feeds the mind of an artist is like know other drug on this planet.I love the patrons and the characters who stroll about creating that atmosphere of motion.

An event that enlightens our senses to the many taboos that our society has chosen to suppress in many of us. The Nude human form is a tranquility that should be expressed and unharnessed throughout each and every one of us every second of every moment. Nude Nite allows their guests senses to be awoken Continuously and Synergistically around every corner, wether it be by visual, vibrational or by sound. This event not only steps a bit outside the box ,but it seems to create a Positive Illusive Atmosphere which Tempts, Seduces, Excites and may sometimes Stun it's guest into a freedom which all should experience. Thank You Nude Nite!

Nude Nite Art Show Tampa Mar 6,7,8 2014

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"Showgirl" Model Ashley is so hot in this photo her body position is seductive and kept .This  releases  an anticipation sense which actually  brings her closer to you.I chose the cutout blk and white to add a hint of uncolored  pin-up to her.  love this shot "Showgirl"

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"Life in Shambles' "Life in Shambles Model Ashley is so superb in delivering that empty yet fearful stare which takes this photo to a different level.The setting is blank yet full of an almost a disturbing sense .I placed light from the front back right and upper front to give the feel of a almost dark room as if a door opened into it. 

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Legs Legs are incredibly  beautiful.I shot this in an old BOA bank Vault during and event.The models were perfection and the shot shows all of their  seductive attractiveness .I kept it a bit dark to enhance the location a bit giving the models the most of the energy that was about. Thanks so much to Stephanie and Ashley you both are beautiful and look phenomenal is this photo. CIAO STYLE NIGHT 2013STYLE NIGHT 2013

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Style or No Style People ask me why I don't have a set style.I do have a style ,but its definately not set.All of my photos have their own unique structure and place.I edit not to only enhance the photos but to let my mind create what it wants to see.My photos will never be the norm and will never be a standard edit where you know its my work. If you were to  set many of my pieces next to each other, there is a quality that you see which my works holds that defines me as an artist.I just seem to create in my own way which allows me to be free in my Art and that is what is most important to me.Ciao  STYLE NIGHT 2013STYLE NIGHT 2013Tampa : Style Night with Lauren Pink

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"Hope is Elegant' A likeness of beauty tells a story .This photo is only the models face and all surrounding was created by me using painting tools and creating each dot shown and using colors to make it look as if she is wearing a scarf or shawl around her face. ModelsModelsCheck out Model Rates and Art of YOU! Boudoir

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Roling Smoke Rolling Smoke It was windy that afternoon and I was shooting  outdoor images with my 5D Mark iii As the gusts grew stronger ,I decided to turn the camera on myself and the wind took my smoke creating this cool motion filled photo

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Inside her Mind Artist Angelo HalkArtist Angelo HalkWelcome to my world of my vision in creative manipulation of color and textures, coupled with Beauty ,Interaction, and Photographic Art.I hope you Enjoy the SHOW!!!!!! This photo was taken on a boat out in Siesta Key. I took the photo while moving at high speeds and she is frozen in that time. I manipulated the photo by erasing all background which brings her forward in a 3 dimensional effect. I love her expression and she looks as if she is deep In thought.

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Madison Shoot Had a wonderful shoot today with Model Madison on the lake. It is so great when you have a model who follows direction and rarely takes a bad photo.She is a bright young girl who will go far in this industry . Best of luck to you with your modeling, singing, and acting. She's one to watch.  #model #photography #art  

Artist Angelo Halk

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"Touch Me Till The Door" ART of KINK I am so excited to be a part of FETISH CON and The Art of Kink on Aug 15th-18th in Tampa. This photo was taken Live at a Cabaret .I then manipulated the photo texture ,color then creating a cloning effect creating the piece you see here. She reaches to the other woman in the photo not wanting her to leave the ecstasy she is not done providing. Place the touched woman twice brings motion to the piece.I truly  love this piece. It will be presented in a 20x20 format for the show. Cant wait


Art of Kink Subs

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"Motion of Youth" This photo was taken in Tampa on Howard ave in a window of an Antique store.I love the motion in the photo and it brings back the memories of youth and innocence. #photography #art #bike #galleryMotion of youth

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I am an Artist
In the beginning, There comes a time when you share your ideas with yourself, whether through painting, drawing, photography , etc. You open yours eyes at what You Created and think to yourself, I feel something ,something different, an ignition inside of me. It stirs you, and emotions and feelings run through you fast. Not understanding this at first creation, one still feels that something was set free.

Time passes and feedback on your creation, and now creations start to make their way to your ears or eyes. You think to yourself they like it and you feel good inside. You release more of yourself into your craft bringing thoughts to peoples minds and feelings. Changing someone forever showing them your view of life's invisible details. I believe the moment when your piece affects someone is when you have arrived. It is not selling your first piece or how many shows you do .It is truly that moment when someone sees your work and can't help but feel a Wow, Oh!, Sadness , Inspiration, Amazement, or In Awe.

Creating paintings, drawings, and photographs still. You need to create it. It! is the most part of you! Sleep is not needed as you pour yourself into your creations. Hours by hours changing a detail over and over again until you KNOW!, the color, the light, the texture, etc. Knowing is the drug that fills your veins with It Is! When It Is, then that is when the piece jumps at you and steps inside you forever.

Angelo Halk



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ME Models "ART is the Freeing of One's Imagination"
Angelo HALK

Photography allows me to let go,trust and shoot without the need to see reason or predict or control an outcome.It is the freeing of my minds inner workings.
The view of life's details have always captured my attention,whether it be a splash from a stomped rain puddle as the reflection reappears,a beautiful woman crossing her legs just the right way,or a butterfly dancing above a sweet flower.All of these wonderful mostly overlooked details are drawn to my sight almost continuously.My mind does not allow me to focus on one thing for very long.So I decided to add a camera to the equation and at first shot,my passion was manifested for me.Having the ability to see and experience all of these wonderful details of life and the ability to view it again after a day of shooting,is like me getting to live life twice a day everyday.
My wish is for you the viwer to see what you wish and to feel a presence of creativity with-in yourself.Many of my images may assault the senses into a fragmented state while also pulling the entire piece into one.When you feel an expression of another's vision and passion,you learn and are able to feel that same vision and passion even if it is only there for a moment.It will forever have a place with-in ourselves.
I beleive that every person 'sees' things from their own internal perspective,which is born by their own life experiences.
I am sharing mine with YOU! 



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Model Monika In Blue I had the Pleasure shooting Monika the other day. She is stunning in this photo as always.I was shooting with Canon and using a 50mm lens to capture her profile while fuzzing out the background to give a more dreamy feel and showcase her hair and gorgeous Beauty.

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"Door to the Lions" This is a Lions Cage door from the 70's .I photographed this door at the Rainbow River State Park in Florida.It used to be a zoo back then.Love this door."Door to the Lions"

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"Pickled Visions" A Look into the eyes of Model Michaela. Pickled Visions Bright and crystal eyes that sparkle with beauty.

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"Eyes of Blue' I shot Leila in Wesley Chapel Florida. So sad  she is no longer with us. She was one of the coolest cats around.I took this photo out in the yard when she was on a hunt for some play toys.

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"Marilyn Watches Me Play" Art of Kink Subs is a piece in which I created for the Art of Kink Show Submission. The Photograph has been manipulated by  taking away pieces of the photo that was taken live in a adult cabaret. There were three women in the photo originally. If you look close you can see a face in a white dress behind the skittle colored breasts.

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Window Life Series Turmoil

[email protected] (Angelo HALK) Angelo Art Fashion Gallery Halk Models Show Tue, 02 Jul 2013 20:50:37 GMT
'"Animal Instict" Artist Angelo Halk

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"Is It Me I am Looking For" It is Me I am Looking For

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Cigar Art by Artist Angelo Halk High Dive

Angelo Halk Cigar Art takes a different approach to traditional cigar art.He captures a unique blend of color and texture that the senses have yet to see.The placement of the cigars give an imagery like no other cigar artist has.He captures the balance of metals,concrete,natural elements and combines all to create a statement of the piece.His extreme close up shooting in some pieces gives you view that stuns your vision only for a moment, then lets you re-focus and take it all in.He brings cigars into the a new and unexpected light and creates a stage for them to be presented.

[email protected] (Angelo HALK) Art Artistic Bar Cigar Cigars Fishing Golf Humidor Tampa Thu, 14 Mar 2013 01:43:17 GMT