Angelo Halk : My approach to photography is to feel the emotion of the moment through the lens of my camera. As I view a particular article, person or situation, I tend to see what others may not. Its a perspective I believe I have been blessed with and photography allows me the ability to express it. Art has always played a significant role throughout my life.
My work has been voiced as photo journalistic, artistic,bold,interfering,and imaginative . Bringing the emotion to you through my photographs gives me an outlet of the creative inside me and I truly breathe life from it . I have always allowed myself to enjoy the view of life through many different windows.

Biggest Artistic Inspiration
My Mother & Grandfather , she was a Painter ,Sketch Artist ,and Window Display Artist.He was an immigrant to this country and used his creativity and passion of creating incredible ornaments from his hand to bring his family from overseas to America.Art was within him.It flowed through his blood and veins which I believe passed down to my mother and luckily ,to me. I have always loved their work and it always inspired the creator in me to be set free and to pay attention to the details all around me throughout my life.

Why Did You Become An Artist
Because I so enjoy the feeling of creating and believe that details are truly taken for granted. I like to think I am setting them free one photo at a time in line with all of the creative minds in the universe.I feel that life revolves around creativity.Art is the one thing that everyone can appreciate in their own way.It moves you from your inner self and opens your mind to possibilities of someone else's imagination.It creates connection and interaction.I allow my passion to flow through my work so others may envision what they wish.Art is the Freeing of One's Imagination.

Angelo was born in the Midwest, but has been a Floridian for the majority of his life. Growing up in Florida he learned to appreciate nature and its beauty at a young age. His roots are from Greece which is where he inherited his wonderful breadth and passion for life. His early inspirations were introduced by his grandfather and mother who were both very talented artists. At an early age, he remembers drawing for hours on end and preferring a pencil and paper rather than toys to play with. He soon realized that creating an image was like telling a story.
He first started drawing at a very young age, painting and soon photography took its roll in his life. He used to spend hours in the book stores flipping through art and photography books. He spent time in museums and visited many sites in Greece which filled him with visions of great works and sculptures which he used to dream about.
Angelo’s work is personal and ever changing .His work reflects his inner being, the realness which resides inside. As an artist he creates to make you think or see some small detail that most would let go unnoticed. Each work releases a small freedom or ignites a small flame. He strives to create interesting pieces that are Bold, Colorful, Transparent and sometimes even a bit of erotica slips through. He tries to establish a mood, a sensuous quality rather than try to be accurate in art. He extends a symbolic representation of the elemental of life itself. Sexual energy is a large part of his existence and although fear plays a role in holding back many concealed energies, which he believes we all possess. It is like an urge… when he picks up his brush, camera or chalk. He certainly uses all the techniques he has learned and knows, but is taken over by not much logical thinking. He feels that as his work evolves, his inner workings are accepting of his true persona. He is close to releasing the full capacity of expression, which allows the artist to outflow. Every piece he creates brings him closer to absolute liberation.