Artistic Hand Made Jewelry


All Angelo Halk Pendants are Hand Crafted using quality Property Generating Gem Stones.Each Piece is then bound with Copper,Silver,Platinum,or Gold.I also use Organite which is created using certain measurements of Copper,Aluminum,Gemstones,other metals and always Centered with Quartz Crystal.Organites Energy creates a Balance with in you by Transforming Negative Ions into Positive Ions ,actually Disbursing Negative Energy away from you and those around you.I also create Organite Pyramids,and other pieces for your home or yard.All Jewelry Pieces come with a Certifiacte or Originality and is Numbered and signed by Angelo Halk.All prices are beside the Title of each piece.If you have any questions please feel free to contact me by email or  phone          [email protected]  or 813.270.7240


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