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Created 21-Jan-12
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All Limited Edition Prints are Hand signed and numbered by Angelo Halk.All prints come with a hand signed Certificate of Limitation and Authenticity. If you are interested in purchasing any Limited Edition Prints please contact me by Phone 813.270.7240 or email me @ [email protected] I will either direct you to the nearest venue in which prints are sold or I can send them out to you.
Thank you for your consideration.

Angelo Halk
Behind the LightBoard on BoardLinen RoseCircle of LifeRested SmokeTwice the NetBike at the BeachKite of WindPeaceWind in the BookFeet to ParadiseReinforcementA Drink in the BathChase the SunNatures ThreatColors of StrandsTower 5Rainbow CandiesFollow the LeaderHeavens Sidewalk

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