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Frequently Asked Questions






 Q  Do you do TFP?

  1 I do occasionally do TFCd (Trade for Cd) shoots. This mainly depends on my interest in shooting that particular model other circumstances.But I mainly do Paid assignments only.But Feel free to contact me with any inquires.


 Q  Do you edit the photos?

  1 Yes all the photos you will receive with have some editing done.A few of the Top photos will be highly edited resulting portfolio quality shots.


Q  What do I bring to the Shoot?

 1  Models should bring an array of outfits ,panties, bras, nylons, shorts, dresses, white tanks, black tanks, jeans, gowns, makeup, hair ties, bands, and clips, scarfs,lingerie


Q  How long does it take to receive my artwork?

1  This process may take from 3-7 days or sooner depending on your order sometimes it can be a quickly as two days.


Q  What type of Equipment is used is in our work?

1  I am a  Canon photographer using high mega pixel professional digital cameras and lenses.I currently shoot with a Canon 5d Markiii which is one of the top choices for photographers around the world.

    I am continually updating, being that the digital market never seems to stop amazing us.


Q  Do you do Commission pieces?


Yes. I have done many commission pieces where the client and I sat down and pieced together their vision with mine and have created something truly unique. The cost of commission pieces varies on the time and scale of the work.

Q  Can I crop images for printing ?


1 Yes. In the check out page you will be able preview and configure according to size of print and on the page menu you also have a best fit category telling you the best fit for printing with the best resolution .I will say going to a much larger print may affect the resolution of the piece.


Q Do you offer Framing and different photo papers?


Yes. There are many options of framing to choose from. You can also choose between Black & White, Metallic, And Matte Professional grade Papers. You can also choose from a different array of mounting options.




Thank you for your questions. Any questions not answered please feel free to contact me:



Angelo Halk