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Created 4-Mar-13
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Angelo Halk Cigar Art is a Unique Blend of Textures and Color .His approach to capturing a much different view of the history and pass time of cigar somking .Angelo Halk captures a much desired Artistic version of cigars unlike any other artist.He creates a situation for his pieces which atacks your senses in a variety of manners.Please feel to contact me for commission pieces or specific branding art for your personal use or commercial advertising.
One of MayanAmerican BeachThe CelebrityThe Enlightened OneBalancedVintageBreak AwayBridge to NowhereBurnt Down HouseCannon BallDeer HunterDisintegration of TimeDouble BarrelNumber 8Drag NetEyes of BudhaFor Her Eyes OnlyHer Favorite ThingHigh DiveHot Ash Cool Sand

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